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Guest Post: The Chalkboard Technique

If you are a paper crafter then you have probably noticed the chalkboard technique is very popular right now… if you aren’t familiar let me explain. The Chalkboard technique is taking dark colored paper, stamping or embossing on it and using ink to make your paper project look like it was actually done with chalk on a chalkboard. For today’s project I wanted to mix a real chalkboard with the chalkboard technique to create a cute wall hanging that won’t/can’t accidentally get erased, but still keeps that chalk art look.

Things you need:
Mini Chalkboard
Embossing Ink Pad
White Embossing Powder
Heat Gun
Colored pencils (optional )
White acrylic paint
Regular Chalk
Ribbon, flowers and gems (optional frame decor)

Things to do:
1. Paint the frame of the chalkboard and let dry.
2. Stamp your sentiment and/or images with your embossing ink pad, cover with white embossing powder, tap off the excess powder and go over with your heat gun. ( Tip: move your heat gun in small circles about 2. From area you are heating. Also watch for the embossing powder to become shiny before moving to the next area, but don’t wait too long or you could burn it)
3. I chose to outline the inside of my chalkboard with a regular piece of chalk and then smudged with my finger. I did this to my images and sentiment as well.
4. Optional step: You can choose to color in your images with colored pencils as I have done here. (Tip: First color with a white pencil, then go back over it with your colors to make them really pop off the board)
5. I also chose to decorate my frame with some self-adhesive gems, flowers and a ribbon bow.

Hope you have enjoyed today’s how to, and we would love to see your take on it!
Happy Crafting!
Lisa from Lisa’s Creative Niche

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