Glitter Pumpkins

Every year I try to find a new way to decorate my Halloween pumpkins. Sure, we carve a few, that’s a must, but I also like to throw in a couple of interestingly done up pumpkins to add to the mix on my front steps. And this year I’m feeling the need for a little glitz, so I think I’ll pass that on to my pumpkins.

As always, working with glitter can be messy. Try to contain the glitter and the mess by working over a box to catch most of the over sprinkle. But be forewarned, you will get a little glitter in places other than the pumpkin, especially if you have a sparkly loving little helper, like I did!

Things you need:
Pumpkins and gourds, real or fake however, the faux pumpkins are lighter and easier to work with for this project.
Spray adhesive
Box or newsprint

Things to do:
1. This project is probably best done outdoors, where the spray glue and glitter wont find it’s way onto walls and floors. Set up your box and glitter and uncap your glue. Hold your pumpkin out away from the box and spray a section with a thin coat of adhesive.
2. Holding the pumpkin over the box, sprinkle the glued area with a generous coating of glitter. Wait for a few moments for the glue to set and then shake off the excess.
3. Holding the pumpkin away form the box again (this keeps the glue out of the box so you can reuse the glitter) spray another section of the pumpkin with glue.
4. Apply glitter as before over box, continue until you have the entire pumpkin well coated with glitter.

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