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Ghostly Trio Styrofoam Balls

Things you need:
Cheese Cloth
6″ Styrofoam Disk
8″ Styrofoam Heart
3″ Styrofoam Ball
2-1/2 ” Styrofoam Ball
2″ Styrofoam Ball
2 – 3/16″ Dowel Rods
Stiffy Fabric Stiffener
Purple Glitter
Country Grey Apple Barrel
White Apple Barrel Paint
Black Apple Barrel Paint
10mm Neon Eyes

Things to do:
1. Paint your styrofoam heart with the Country Grey Apple Barrel.
2. Cut the bat out of the 6″ styrofoam disk. After the bat is cut out, paint the bat using the Black Apple Barrel.
3. Cut 2 dowel rods in half and paint 3 pieces with the White Apple Barrel for ghost stands. Then paint a 12″ dowel rod using the Black Apple Barrel for the bat stand.
4. Place the 3″ styrofoam ball onto one of the white painted dowel rod and glue into the styrofoam heart. Cut out a doubled layered square of the cheese cloth (14×14), before draping over the styrofoam ball fold the cheese cloth into the Stiffy Fabric Stiffener, run fingers down cloth to get rid of excess. Open the cheese cloth back open and place over the 3″ ball.
5. Now take the 2 1/2″ styrofoam ball and stick another white dowel rod into ball, place upon the styrofoam heart and glue both end of dowel rod. Repeat the step about the doubled layer of cheese cloth (14×14).
6. Do the same steps to the 2″ styrofoam ball. Before letting them all dry completely, place the ends of the cheese cloths in desired areas. After everything is completely dry glue your choice of colored eye.
7. Brush a line of the Stiffy Fabric Stiffener around the outside edges and spines of wings on the bat. Sprinkle purple glitter on the glued areas. Glue on a pair of neon colored eyes. Stick the black painted dowel rod in bat and place onto the heart. Glue both ends.

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