Folded Ribbon Headband

While my little girl is, by no means, out of the hair bow phase, we are definitely already heading into the headband phase, which means we need headbands. Lotttttssss of headbands. This folded ribbon band makes use of ready-made cloth and elastic bands but dresses them up in a fun way.

Things you’ll need:
Fabric and elastic headband
1/2- 3/4 inch ribbon
Assorted buttons
Sewing pins
Sewing machine and notions

Things to do:
1. Fold the end of the ribbon over and line it up, right side up, with one edge of the fabric of the headband. Pin in place.
2. Moving across the headband, fold the ribbon back on itself and then over and pin to create tucks every inch until you have reached 2/3 of the way around the headband. Trim, leaving a 1 inch tail and pin to secure.
3. Repeat the process from the other edge of the fabric until the two sets of ribbon folds meet. Create a final tuck to hide the raw ends by folding one end under. Pin to secure.
4. Using coordinating thread and a straight stitch, sew up the center of the ribbon, backstitching at each end to secure the thread. Remove the pins.
5. Stitch the buttons over the join in the ribbons and trim all threads.

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