Finishing Off Hemp Bracelet or Hemp Necklace

Finishing a crafting project can actually be more challenging than getting started, and making hemp jewelry is no exception. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways to finish off hemp jewelry so it can get off the project table and around your wrist, ankle, or neck where it belongs:

Making a Bead Closure
Slide a bead onto all of the cords in your bracelet, then tie an overhand knot below the bead and trim the excess pieces. If the bead hole is too small to fit all of the cords, cut 1 or 2 cords close to the finished end and secure with glue. Next, slip the bead onto the remaining threads and tie with an overhand knot. Fasten your bracelet by slipping the bead through the loop on the other end.

Making a Button Closure
Slide all of the cords through a shank-style button (rather than one with holes), then tie an overhand knot below the button and trim the excess. If it’s too tight of a squeeze, snip and glue the strands that won’t fit, and then pop the button through the loop on the other end to secure. (Tip: Be sure there are at least two strands going through the button’s shank; if not, this type of closure will be too flimsy.)

Making a Knot Closure
Knot closures are the simplest of all, just tie an overhand knot at the end of your finished piece, and push the knot through the looped end to fasten. If the knot isn’t big enough to fit snugly inside the loop, undo and retie by adding a few extra twists before pulling it tight.

When starting your project, keep the end goal in mind so you can form the initial loop large enough (or small enough) to accommodate the closure. Don’t limit your projects to ready-to-use button and bead closures; instead, keep an eye out for shells, fossils, and rocks with through and through holes, or look for intriguing items that could be easily drilled and slipped onto your projects.

Photo Credit: Hemp N Leather Jewelry Salon

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  1. I made bracelets several years ago, but since then life got in the way and jewelry making got pushed to the back burner. Your hemp jewlery posts reminded me of just how much these projects were, so I’ve decided to relive the glory with my nieces. I’d like to pick up macrame again too, but find that most of my old projects are too dated. Will you be posting any macrame projects?

  2. Hey Melinda!
    Thank you for following our blog. Life is such a pain sometimes =) but Im glad that you have decided to try jewelry making again. Im sure your nieces will love it as well! We could do a few macrame projects for you. Just give us some time and keep checking back to see when we have posted them. Happy Crafting!


  3. Thanks for the information…. and another interest in the hemp jewelry is the fact that it is “natural”. Alot of vegetarians and earth friendly folks really like hemp jewelry.