Finger Weaving with Potholder Loops

The most basic form of weaving, fingerweaving, is a fantastic entry point for kids and adults alike into the world of fiber crafts. While yarn or string always make great materials for this craft, potholder loops make the task even easier. With no long tails to keep track of and a built in stretchiness, you’ll never find the loops too tight on your fingers.

Time required: 5 minutes or more, depending on how long you want your weaving to be.
Difficulty level: Very Easy

Things you’ll need:
Potholder loom loops

Things to do:
1. To start, you’ll need 2 loops. Using one, loop around your fingers, making a twist between each finger. Push the loop down to the base of your fingers.

2. Repeat the process with the second loop but position this layer near your knuckles.

3. With your hand palm side up, lift the bottom loop up on each finger and pull it up over the end of your finger toward the back of your hand. Repeat with remaining fingers.

4. Push the layer that remains down to the base of your fingers and add a new layer of loops at knuckle level.
5. Lift the bottom loops up and over as before. Repeat this process until you have the length of weaving you want.

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