Fall Felt Leaf Garland

The changing leaves of fall are as beautiful as they are fleeting. The reds and golds and browns are hard to resist and when the leaves are falling fast, bringing a little of that color indoors is a great way to extend the season just a little bit longer.

Things you’ll need:
Felt squares in fall colors
Sewing Machine
Yellow thread

Things to do:
1. Cut 3 inch long leaves from the felt, you’ll want about 4 leaves for every foot of garland you need.
2. Load your thread and pull some excess out before inserting the first leaf just in front of the foot of your machine.
3. Begin stitching with a long, straight stitch and feed the leaves in, one at a time, sewing up the center of each and allowing for one or two stitches between each.
4. After the last leaf, pull out some excess thread and cut. Use the thread at the beginning and end of the garland for hanging.

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