How to Make a Fall Berry Wreath

There’s something about fall that makes me want to hang a new, pretty wreath on my front door. It’s all the beautiful colors I’m sure! This fall berry wreath adds a little whimsical elegance to your stoop and ties in the colors of the season with your front door decor.

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: 1 hour

Things you’ll need:
Two (2) berry garlands
3 packages of berry picks
Wooden letterof your choice
Gold spray paint
Floral wire
Hot glue gun and glue sticks (high temp is best)
Wire wreath form
Yellow Ribbon

Things to do:
1. Wire one of the garlands to the outside center ring on the wreath by wrapping short lengths of floral wire around both the wreath wire and the core of the garland. Continue until you have used up all the garland.

2. Repeat this process with the other garland, this time wiring it to the inner center ring.

3. Splay the bunches of berries out evenly around the wreath. This will help you decide where to add the berry picks to get nice, full coverage.

4. Insert the picks into open spaces, wiring the ends to the wreath form on the back side and working your way around until you have a nice, full wreath.

5. In a well ventilated work area, spray the wooden letter with two coats of gold paint, allowing each to dry before adding the next.
6. Once the letter is dry, center in in the hole in the wreath, nestling it into the berries. Use dollops of hot glue to secure the letter to the wreath form.

7. Cut a length of ribbon and loop through the form. Tie a knot and rotate around so that the knot is hidden behind the berries and hang the wreath.

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