Etched Mirror

Adding a few pretty images or words to a mirror may seem like a daunting process, but really it’s a fairly straight forward thing with fabulous results. If you have access to a die cutting machine, this will be much faster, but you can always hand cut your images with a craft knife.

Things you’ll need:
Vinyl contact paper
Etching cream
Rubber gloves
Craft Knife (optional)

Things to do:
1. Cut the images that you want etched out of your contact paper using your preferred method. Make sure the areas you want etched are the ones you remove.
2. Clean the mirror well and allow it to dry.
3. Carefully place the contact paper in place on the mirror. Smooth out any bumps
4. Apply the etching cream in a thick layer using the paintbrush. Be sure to wear your gloves during this step and avoid getting any etching cream on your skin.
5. Allow the cream to sit on the glass according to the manufacturers directions and then wash off with water, being sure to rinse the sink thoroughly.
6. Peel the contact paper off to reveal your newly etched mirror!

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