Embellished Hair Combs

Turn a plain old plastic hair comb into something a little more exciting with some simple wrapping. Use a single color or a combination to achieve different looks.

Thing’s you’ll need:
Embroidery Thread
Plastic Hair Comb
Embroidery needle

Things to do:
1. Bring the end of the embroidery thread through the end tine of the comb and tie firmly at the top. Trip the tail to 1/3 inch and pull along the top ridge of the comb. The tail will be covered when you wrap.
2. Wrap the thread in a fan shape over the first tine. Once you have covered a 1/4 inch section of the top of the comb, pull the thread from the back to the next tine, or if using two colors, to the third tine over.
3. Repeat this process with the remaining tines until the entire top is covered.
4. Tie off the end and thread the tail onto the needle. Run the needle into the threads at the back of the comb about 1 inch down and pull firmly, snip the thread close so that it disappears into the thread along the back.

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