Eggshell Candles

During the spring I tend to make a lot of egg-related recipes. It just seems like the season for it. The result is that I often have a lot of empty eggshells heading for the compost heap. Instead of throwing them away, however, I’ve started turning them into votive candles, perfect for a spring table. Try to get into the habit of cracking the eggs at the top of the shell for these, you’ll get more hours of burn from the candles due to a greater depth of wax.

Things you’ll need:
Candle wicks
Double boiler
Egg cartons
Dowel Rods

Things to do:
1. Rinse each egg in and out with warm water and allow them to dry.
2. Set the wax to melt in the double boiler. If you want to add scent or color, do this now.
3. Cut the wicks into 5-inch sections. Tie one end to a skewer and knot the other end about an inch down. Trim off any excess.
4. Set the eggs into an egg carton and fill each about 1/2 way up with wax.
5. Lower the wicks into the wax and balance the skewer onto the shell so that the wick in centered in the wax.
6. Allow the wax to cool and then pour about 1/2 inch more wax into the eggs to fill the void created during cooling.
7. Trim the wicks and set the eggs into small cups. *Hint!, fill the bottom of each cup with rice or grains and nestle the eggs in to help keep them upright.
8. Light and enjoy!

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