Easy Pompom Spirit Bracelet Tutorial

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 30 minutes
Age range: 8 and up

Things you’ll need:
Embroidery floss in various colors
Small pompom maker
Tapestry needle
Tape (optional)

Things to do:

  1. Connect the pompom maker, if you haven’t already. Hold two strands of yellow floss together at the same time (we used two different hues of yellow, but you can use the same colors held together, if you’d like). Begin evenly wrapping around one side of the pompom maker.
  2. Wrap until that half of the pompom maker is full. Close the half circle.
  3. Wrap the other half of the pompom maker, wrapping both sides as evenly as possible. Close the half circle, then trim the floss.
  4. Snip the edges on both sides to cut the loops.
  5. Cut a 6-8″ strand of floss, then wrap it around the pompom. Tie it securely in a double knot.
  6. Remove the pompom from the pompom maker.
  7. Trim the pompom so that it’s even all the way around. Create a second pompom by repeating steps 1-7.
  8. Cut six 65″-long strands of a second color of floss. Fold the strands in half, then tie an overhand knot about 2″ down from the folded loop.
  9. Separate the strands into three groups of 4 strands each. Begin braiding the strands.
  10. Braid until the length is about 12″ long, or until you can wrap the bracelet around your wrist twice. Tie a knot in the braid, then trim it close to the knot.
  11. Thread the tails of one pompom into the tapestry needle, then insert the needle into the knot at the end of the braid.
  12. Pull the tail so that the pompom is next to the braid, then knot the tails to secure it.
  13. Repeat steps 11 & 12 with the second pompom.
  14. To close the bracelet, insert the pompoms through the loop at the top of the braid.

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