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Easy DIY Earrings

In a fit of boredom, we made a pretty pair of earrings as a surprise for our best friend. Nothing fancy, just some leftover beads on an ear wire. She loved them and wore them to breakfast with her husband one day. She tells us that their waitress, a very sweet young woman, fell in love with her earrings and mentioned them several times. The girl gathered her courage and asked my friend if she might be able to buy a pair. Maybe with blue beads instead of the copper bead that was in the friends’ pair.

Hearing this, we knew we were making a pair of earrings for a waitress we’d never meet and that my girlfriend would have the pleasure of delivering them to her.

And no, the girl will not pay a penny for the earrings. Our friend will have the joy of giving a happy surprise. And a young waitress will receive a gift from a complete stranger. Isn’t that why we do this stuff?!

Difficulty level: Beginner/Intermediate
Time required: 15 -30 minutes
Age range: Adult

Things you’ll need:
Bead board or tray
Earring wires
Round-nose pliers
Needle-nose pliers

Things to do:
1. Lay out your beads and supplies on a bead board.
2. Thread beads onto headpin. Hold up pin to check design. Add/remove beads for fit and design. Start over until you’re happy with the combination.

3. Using round-nose pliers, make a loop in top of headpin.

4. Using pliers, open earring wire loop.
5. Place headpin loop inside earring wire loop.

6. Close loop and enjoy!

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