Double Ended Punch Gift Tag

These tags are a beautiful finish to any gift and add a touch of whimsy to the style of the wrapping. Use colorful wrapping paper to peek through the tag or add a little washi tape under the tag to spice up plain, simple paper for a special pop of charm. Using ribbon or twine that matches the washi tape takes the style one step further to make a truly special gift.

Time required: 5 minutes
Difficulty level: easy

Things you’ll need:
Snowflake punch
Washi tape
Double ended tags
Bakers twine or ribbon
Wrapped package

Things to do:
1. Punch your design in the very center of the tag.

2. Using the string tie it directly on to the package so that the wrapping paper shows through the punch.

3. Smooth a few lengths of washi tape onto the wrapping paper directly under the punched designed.

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