DIY Zen Doodle Bowl

I’m not an artist, at all! I struggle to draw anything but I find so much satisfaction in Zendoodling! Even imperfect lines look impressive in this medium and it’s the perfect art form to jazz up plain dishes like this simple white bowl! Wow your friends and give them a wild zendoodle bowl as a gift! They’ll be amazed and probably tempted to try a little zendoodling of their own!

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: 20 minutes plus dry time

Things you’ll need:
Porcelain pens
Flat bottomed bowl

Things to do:
1. Clean and dry your bowl. Draw a circle around the inside of the bowl and divide the circle into 4 sections with a bold, zig-zag line.

2. Fill each section of the circle with a repetitive pattern, making sure each section has a very different pattern.

3. When you have filled in the space, bake the bowl according to the directions on the pen.

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