DIY Wood Cube Puzzle

This game is endlessly entertaining and because of it’s size, is also perfectly portable. Increase the difficulty by adding trails of different colors to the cubes so that both trails and colors must match to win!

Things you’ll need:
9 Wooden cubes
Polyurethane spray
Permanent Marker
Rubber Band

Things to do:
1. On a covered and well ventilated work surface, coat each side of the cubes with a thin coat of sealer. This keeps the pen ink from spreading along the grain and helps protect the cubes.
2. Once the cubes are dry, lay the cubes out in a square and use the rubber band to secure them in place.
3. Using your pens, draw dotted or dashed trails around the larger square. Allow the ink to dry.
4. Flip some of the cubes and, using the drop off points on the original trails, connect these sides with different variations of the trails.
5. Continue flipping and adding trails until all sides are covered.
6. Coat with a final thin coat of Polyurethane to seal and allow it to dry thoroughly before playing.

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