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DIY Wire Coil Trees

These coiled wire trees are modern and fun and super easy to make. Change up the metal the wire is made from (copper would be cool!) and the size of the gauge to alter the style and make a whole forest of them for your winter displays. Because you aren’t applying anything to the cone, but are just using it as a form, you can use an already decorated cone if necessary.

Things you’ll need:
Doll cones
Wire cutters

Things to do:
1. Tightly wrap the wire around the top of the cone, bending the end down so that it gets hidden under the coils.

2. Wrap around the tree, down to the bottom and back up again several times until you have a good even coverage.

3. Pull the coil off the tree and cut two three-inch lengths of extra wire.
4. Wrap the short pieces around the bottom few coils to flatten the bottom a little, bending the tree as needed to straighten the tree.

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