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DIY Wedding Invitations – Message in a Bottle

“Love washes in like the tide, soothing the parched sand”
wedding_message_ina_bottleAre you planning a destination wedding? Are you in the need of a fun and unique invitation? If you are a bride that wants nothing but sand in between your toes as you walk down the aisle way and the sound of ocean waves crashing in your ears then we have got the perfect idea for invitations. You can create DIY invitations, messages in a bottle! All you need for this unique wedding invite is glass message bottles, small seashells, ribbon or natural raffia, uncoated printing paper, an oil scent of your choice (optional) and sealing wax (optional). Of course you can add your own embellishments and make them with your own personality in mind but this is just for the basic idea.

1. Before you print out your invites you may want to test a few pieces of paper for the correct size to ensure that they will fit in your glass message bottles. To make your paper look authentically old and worn out you will want to tea dye your paper. Print out everything you would like to have printed on your invitations before you begin the tea dyeing process. If you wish to hand write on your invitations you should do this after you have tea dyed your paper. Please make sure that your paper is uncoated. To learn how to tea dye paper click here!
2. Once you have printed out and tea dyed your paper it is now time to make sure that your guest are able to get out your invitations out of the glass message bottle without any frustrations. To ensure this you could try attaching a pull mechanism on the center of your invite. You can use ribbon or even natural raffia. You can glue or hole punch a hole and loop your thread through. To make your guest can retrieve your invites worry-free you should also roll your invitations tightly and tie it off with your choice of ribbon or natural raffia. This is to make sure the invitations will not expand, making it nearly impossible to recover, once it has been placed inside the glass message bottle.
3. Now that your invites are inserted into the glass message bottles, it’s time to be creative and have a little fun! You can now insert your sand. A little can go a long way, an inch is enough. You can of course play around with the amount but if you are planning to ship these, remember more sand equals more shipping cost.
4. After you have figured out the right amount of sand it’s now time to add some small seashells and your invites. When you place your invites in the glass message bottles make sure your pull thread is outside the bottle before placing the cork, so that your guest can retrieve their messages with ease. You can of course add personal touches like making a custom label for your bottles, you could also add a tropical scent to the bottom of the cork (the part that will go inside the glass message bottle) by adding a few drops of oil scent. Make sure the oil scent that you choose is not too overwhelming. You could also leave the bottle and cork as is or you could seal the glass message bottles by using sealing wax.
5. If you plan on shipping your glass message bottle invites to your guest, you should make sure that you find a tough, heavy duty container when mailing them out. You should also use plenty of decorative packing material like natural raffia to cushion your glass message bottles.
You are now ready to send out your message in a bottle invites!

Click here to print out your FREE beach wedding invite template!

You can also use this same concept for beach or tropical themed parties and events!
Click here to print out your FREE beach party invite template!

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  1. I found this article really helpful. Now even any one can make their own bottle invitation with message in a bottle kits.

  2. Do U have any idea about the online gift shopping sites that has unique ideas for Message In A Bottle Kits?

  3. This is a must-read post in order to get more ideas that are crafty and really unique.Message in a bottle wedding invitations are something that gives a touch of creativeness to your wedding. No matter what theme you have or planned, they are flexible and can suit well making your wedding a dream come true.

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