DIY Vintage Inspired Lace Dreamcatcher

It’s that time of year where everyone loves to sleep just a little longer… Make sure you catch every sweet dream to remember later with this lacy version of a dreamcatcher. Make it as shown or customize to match decor. This is also a great project to use up scraps of ribbon and lace.

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 1 hour + depending on detail and materials used
Age range: 10 years old to adult

Things you need:
8″ gold metal craft ring
Ecru round crocheted doily
Natural flat lace
Ivory sheer chiffon and satin ribbon
Vintage Inspired wooden spool of natural lace
Cream color thread
Scotch tape
Scraps of ribbon, string, fabric, pearls, etc.

Things to do:
1. Using small piece of scotch tape, tape over opening in metal ring. Using needle and thread, sew doily to metal ring. Be sure to leave loops in doily open so that you can put trims through them in the next step. Stitch around, knot thread, and trim end.

2. Cut flat lace 48″ long. Starting at the 6:00 position on the doily, fold lace in half, loop through one of the scallops on the doily (around metal ring) from front to back. Pull tails through loop, tighten gently.

3. Cut several 4′ pieces of lace, ribbon, and trims. Attach to the ring in the same manner as the first piece of lace. I went from the 4:00 to the 8:00 positions as a guide. To add dimension, I strung pearls on heavy cotton thread and knotted under each pearl to secure. Add these strands the same way as the lace and ribbon.

4. Cut a 12″ piece of sheer/satin ribbon for a hanger. Pull through two spaces at top center of ring and knot in front.

5. To cover the knot from the hanger, make a lace flower: cut a 14″ piece of flat lace. Using needle and thread, runs long gathering stitch along the straight edge of the lace. Gather tight and spiral lace in a circle to form a flower. Sew a few stitches through the center to secure. Sew or glue to top of dream catcher. Finish by sewing or gluing 3 pearls to flower center.
6. Trim tails at bottom, as desired.

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