DIY Vintage Inspired Doily Hoop Earrings

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 30 minutes
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
Earring hoops
2 small doilies
Sewing needle and coordinating thread
Sewing pins
Clear glue

Things to do:

  1. Fold one edge of a doily over the hoop earring to decide how large you want to cut your doily. You can use as much of the doily as you’d like for the earring, but we just used one scalloped edge.
  2. Cut around the piece you plan to use, accounting for the back of the doily that will fold over the earring.
  3. Place the cut piece over another similar scallop of the doily, then cut an identical piece.
  4. You should now have two small piece of doily. You can set the rest of the doily aside for another project.
  5. Place the earring hoops over the two doily pieces where the fold will be.
  6. Fold the doilies over, then pin the edges down with sewing pins.
  7. Thread a needle with coordinating thread, then knot the end. Begin sewing across the folded doily, making sure to catch pieces of the doily that are not unraveled.
  8. When you’re finished sewing, knot the thread twice and cut it.
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 to sew the second earring.
  10. Trim any loose doily pieces away, trying to make the two doilies as identical as possible.
  11. Add dots of clear glue to the unraveled edges of the doily to prevent fraying or unraveling. Allow the glue to dry.

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