DIY Unicorn Monogram Wall Art

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 2 hours plus drying time.
Age range: Adults

Things you will need:
Unfinished Wood Letter E
Iridescent Double Row Bling Sticker Roll
Hot Pink Foamies Foam Modeling Clay
Artificial Rose Heads in Purple and Pink
Mint Canvas Fabric Roses
Acrylic Paint in Fuchsia, Plum Kiss, Regency Blue, Lilac, White, Key West and Cameo Pink
Foamies Foam Sheets
Blush Pink Extra Fine Glitter
Palette Knife

Things to do:
1. Take some of the Hot Pink Foamies Modeling Clay out of the package. Flatten the clay in your hands. Then, pour some blush pink glitter on both sides of the flattened piece of clay.

2. Mix the glitter into the clay by rolling the clay around in a ball.

3. Roll the clay between your hands into a cone shape. Roll the stop part of the clay into a small cone then the rest of the clay. Gradually allow the clay to become larger towards the bottom.

4. Starting from the bottom of the cone, with a painting palette knife, gently press a line around the cone in a spiral shape. Set the clay aside to dry.

5. Paint the fancy wooden letter E with white paint. Allow the paint to dry between coats of paint. I used 2 coats of paint.

6. Paint the bottom of the E in rainbow colors. Allowing each color to dry before starting the next color, so the paints do not blend together.

7. Find the Center top of the wooden initial E, then hot glue on the pink artificial rose head.

8. On each side of the pink rose, add to mint canvas roses. The canvas roses have their own adhesive, which should work fine. If you would like a stronger hold, add hot glue.

9. In the bottom, left hand corner of the initial E, hot glue on a purple rose head.

10. Add the rhinestones along the edges of the letter E.

11. Once the clay unicorn horn is dry. Add some hot glue to the bottom of the unicorn horn, then gently hold it into place on top of the letter E

12. Glue two purple artificial rose heads to each side of the clay unicorn horn.

13. Cut out 4 unicorn ear pieces. You will need two larger outer ear pieces and two smaller inner ear pieces.

14. Glue the inner, smaller, ear pieces onto the middle of the larger outer ear pieces. Then, glue the ear pieces to the back of the initial E on each side of the clay unicorn horn.

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