DIY Temporary Mustache Tattoos

Sometimes, you just need a ‘stache. Maybe you can’t grow one yourself or you can but you don’t have time, or maybe you just want a silly ‘stache in a silly spot. What you need is a mustache tattoo, and they couldn’t be simpler to make!

Things you’ll need:
Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper (Can be found here on Amazon)
Fine tipped paint marker
Wet sponge

Things to do:
1. Determine how large you want your mustache tattoo to be and cut a strip of paper accordingly.
2. Using the paint marker, draw your mustache directly onto the front side of the tattoo paper. Allow the pen to dry for at least an hour.
3. Trim closely around the tattoo and place onto clean skin with the mustache side down.
4. Wet the paper backing thoroughly until it begins to slip off of the tattoo.

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