DIY Teacher’s Gift: Thanks For Helping Me Soar

The end of the school year is nearing and it is time to show our appreciation for the wonderful teachers. My daughter loves pink and butterflies and she requested to share these with her lovely mini preschool teacher. I love adding special decorations to the top of pencils. Teachers go through a lot of supplies and it is harder for them to lose (or have accidentally taken) when a beautiful butterfly is attached to the top.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 30 minutes
Age range: 10+ (adult assistance may be needed with glue gun)

Things you’ll Need:
Tea Light Candle Lantern
Battery Tea Light Candle
Jumbo Chalk Pencils and Sharpener
Pink Satin and Nylon Butterflies
Small Wood Chalkboard Sign
Butterfly Rhinestones
Mini Hot Glue Gun Set

1. Turn on glue gun, so it will be hot enough for step 3. Start with cleaning the surface of the the pink mason jar tea light lantern with alcohol or soap and water

2. Grab your gorgeous bag of pink flat back rhinestone butterflies and your glue gun. I attempted to use modge podge for this part, so my young toddler daughter could help me. However, the rhinestone butterflies just slid down the jar. The modge podge glue does not dry quickly enough.
3. Place a small dot of glue on the back of the pink flat back butterfly rhinestones. I find it more effective to place the glue on the rhinestones rather than the jar.

4. Stick the rhinestone onto the pink mason jar tea light lantern. Hold it there for a seconds while the glue dries. Repeat until you have placed desired amount of rhinestones. You can choose to place your rhinestones in a certain pattern or randomly as I did.

5. Open your packages of pink artificial butterflies and chalk pencils.

6. Place a strip of hot glue down the back of the pink artificial butterfly. I find this easier to place the butterfly in the correct place, rather than placing the glue on the chalk pencil. Press the chalk pencil down onto the back of the artificial butterfly. Hold down for a few seconds until the glue dries. Repeat glueing the butterflies to the chalk pencils until each one is completed. I made 6 butterfly pencils.

9. Place LED battery operated flickering tea light inside the mason jar tea light lantern. The lantern has a metal holder inside the mason jar for the tea light.

10. Place the butterfly pencils into the mason jar.

11. Write a personalized message on the small chalkboard and place it around the neck of the mason jar lantern. The chalkboard fits perfectly. I chose to write: “Thank you for helping me soar.”

Viola! You are done! Enjoy giving your little one’s teacher a beautiful gift!

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  1. you are gifted I watch your post on fb when you post them. maybe I will give it a try at doing crafts