DIY Tag Stamp

As the holidays approach, my thoughts are starting to turn to gift-wrapping all those presents I’ve been making. While I usually have lots of fun wrap on hand, I’m always short on tags, but this year I’m set with a little DIY Tag stamp!

Thing’s you’ll need:
Wooden tag
Wooden Doll Body
Craft glue
Stamp pad, very inky is best

Thing’s to do:
1. Glue the bead or handle in the middle of the tag so that you will have something to hang onto when you use the stamp. Allow the glue to dry completely before inking up.
2. Apply a generous amount of ink to the tag and stamp immediately onto paper. Allow the ink to dry.
3. Write on a name, a message and a string” (it would be even cute if you glued a piece of string on for a little pop!) and you’re set!

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