DIY Sugar Scrub

As much as I love the summer with it’s sun, swimming and sand, I hate what it does to my skin. This vanilla sugar scrub is just the thing to wash away the damage of too much fun and to leave your skin feeling and smelling great! Pack it up in pretty jars with decorative lids and you also have a fantastic warm weather gift!

Things you’ll need:
Brown Sugar
White Sugar
Olive Oil
Vanilla Extract
Jars and Lids

Things to do:
1. Mix equal parts white and brown sugar in a bowl until they are well blended. The mixture will have a grainy texture.
2. Pack the mixture into jars and add a teaspoon of vanilla, allowing it to seep into the sugar mixture.
3. Slowly pour the oil into the jar until it has seeped into the mixture about halfway down the jar.
4. Dump the mixture back into the bowl and mix thoroughly with your hands.
5. Pack the scrub back into jars and seal until ready to use.


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  1. The scrub is of interest ta me, but sayn just add equal amounts n all I do not like that idea. I rather have EXACT MEASUREMENTS instead !! Could you please send me that ??Thank You for Your Time D

    1. You can mix 2 cups brown sugar, 1 cup granulated white sugar, 1 cup oil, and 1 Tbsp pure vanilla extract (or other essential oils for scent) for a decent amount of the body scrub. There is no exact measurement really for this scrub really though. The exact measurements of each ingredient aren’t as crucial to the outcome as the final and your personal preference. I hope this helps!

  2. What is the shelf life of this scrub? This sounds like it would be fun to make benefits are great too! Thanks for sharing.

    1. There is really no shelf life to this scrub. You should be able to use all the scrub up before it can expire. But to give an estimate I would say, that if the scrub is sealed in a tight container it should be able to stay fresh for up to 6 months.

    1. It seems a bit odd I know, but this sugar scrub will not leave you feeling sticky at all. Just rinse with warm water and your skin will be loving you!

  3. On this receipe you say to add equal parts of brown and white, but when you give directions on how to make the mixture you added more brown than you did white sugar. Does this make any difference?

    1. It really depends on your personal preference. I would recommend starting on with equal parts of the sugars. If you dont really like that combination, on your second batch I would add more brown sugar than white sugar.

  4. I find this very effective as a scrub and you can add oat bran in it if you dont want to use sugar,macadamia oil instead of olive oil,and a oil called night queen by spiritual sky,check out there range of oils,you will love the fragrances as I do,musk is my all time favourite )))

  5. I am using coconut oil and have consider using it in this sugar scrub. The coconut oil is suppose to be very good for your skin.