DIY Sports-Themed Key Chain Fob

It is easy to make your own key chain fob with this tutorial. Use any beads that match your favorite sports team or color to personalize. This would be a great gift for Father’s Day!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 20 minutes
Age range: 5 and up

Things you’ll need:
Split Key Rings
Clear Stretchy Elastic Cord
Baseball Beads
Natural Earth-tone Wood Pony Beads
White Alphabet Beads

Things to do:
1. Use scissors to cut an 24″ piece of the clear stretchy elastic cord.

2. Fold the elastic cord in half and place the looped end through the key ring. Then pull the two loose ends together through the loop and pull until it creates a knot on the edge of the key ring.

3. Hold the two loose ends together and string breads in any patterns on to the cord. For my beads, I strung the words GO RED SOX with baseball beads between each letter.

4. When finished, lay your string of beads out flat and double knot the ends.

5. String the loose cord through your very first bead on the string and double knot again. This will bring your string of beads together into a circle to create your fob. Create one more set of double knots directly on your key ring to secure the fob into place. Cut off the excess elastic cord.

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