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DIY Snow Globes

I love snowglobes. And really, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t. There’s something magical about them that I just cant resist and so I’m so excited to have figured out a way to make my own, just the way I want them. You can use any jar with a tight fitting lid, using glass with a pattern, such as the diamond textured one pictured, can add interest to the snow globes.

Things you’ll need:
Jars with tight fitting lids
White and/or clear glitter
Mini trees and/or other small items
Dish soap

Things to do:
1. Glue the items you want in your snow globe onto the inside of the lid using the superglue. Allow the glue to dry completely before proceeding.

2. Fill the jar with a half-inch or so of glitter, you can adjust this to make more or less snow as desired. Add a few drops of dish soap and then fill the jar to the top with water. The soap helps the glitter fall slowly.

3. Squeeze glue around the gasket of the jar and then quickly screw the top on tightly. Allow the glue to dry before flipping the jar and watching the snow fall.

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  1. Has anyone else run into this? I used bottle brush trees they bled green into the water. I also used Christmas village figurines, the green dye from the trees ruined them, which was really bad as they were gifts. Also, for Valentines I made some using red pink heart-shaped confetti, which also bled ruined the figurines. Ive since not used confetti sprayed the trees with sealer…so far, the trees havent bled. So, Im redoing the ruined globes reusing the trees, lids, jars but had to buy all new figurines.

  2. I was concerned about the snow coming off of the trees, in the water. Presoaked them in water to find it was the green bleeding that would be the problem. After a couple hours I rinsed the trees thoroughly, put them in clean water to see if the bleed continued. It did not. To my surprise, the snow was still intact. I also tried bleaching the trees to white, I had seen on pinterest. 1/4 cup bleach and quart of hot water. Finished in 10 minutes.

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