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DIY Simple Doily Envelope

Ever have one of those moments when you need an envelope, and preferably a nice looking envelope, and there are none to be found? Transform a simple doily into a stunning envelope that fits perfectly the card you have in mind (and what would be better to go to with a homemade card than an homemade envelope!)

Things you’ll need:
Paper doilies
Craft glue

Things to do
1. Center your card on the doily.

2. Fold the sides of the doily in close to the edge of the card and with a nice, crisp fold.
3. Fold the bottom up and lightly glue it to the sides, making sure the glue doesn’t go through to the card.

4. Fold the top down to create the top flap and glue in place once you have the card signed and ready to go! Press lightly to hold until the glue dries.

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