DIY Ruffle Camera Strap

I take my camera everywhere these days. In part because I like to capture all those little moments in my kids lives but also because I’ve been working on my photography skills and always need the practice. But the plain old, plain old strap that came with my DSLR? So not me. It needed something pretty, and girly and me. (Also, I have a common model so it makes it impossible to accidentally switch with someone else!) This ruffle strap is just the thing.

Things you’ll need:
Lightweight cotton fabric
2 inch grosgrain ribbon
Sewing machine and thread

Things to do:
1. Fold the fabric in half and lay the strap (removed from your camera) Along the fold. Cut the fabric 1/4 inch larger than the width of the strap and two inches longer than the webbing section of the strap.
2. Open up the fabric and center the strap over it. Using a pin or a pencil, mark where the webbing meets the leather on each end.
3. Cut a length of ribbon twice as long as the piece of fabric.
4. With your machine set to a straight stitch on it’s longest stitch length, sew down the center of the ribbon. Do not backstitch at either end.
5. Gently grasp the bobbin thread and pull to create a ruffle. You’ll need to work the gathers down so that you have an even ruffle all the way down the ribbon.
6. When you have gathered the ribbon enough so that it is the same length as your fabric, pin it along the center of the fabric and stitch it in place with a short length running stitch down the center.
7. Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance up the length of the strap. Turn right side out.
8. Pull the camera strap through the fabric tube, centering the seam along the back and the ruffle along the front. Fold the raw ends under where the webbing meets the leather at both ends and stitch through the fabric and webbing to secure.

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