DIY Reindeer Water Bottles

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to stay hydrated, why not try making your own DIY reindeer water bottle? Not only is it a fun project to do on a rainy day, but it is great for any upcoming class party this holiday season or family Christmas parties! This simple, yet cute water bottle craft will sure get the kids excited!

Difficulty level:Beginner
Time to complete:20-30 minutes

Needed supplies:
Red Pom Poms
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Mini water bottles
Hot glue gun

Things to do:

  1. Once all material is gathered together, we will make the antlers for. Grab the pipe cleaners and wrap them around the neck of the bottle.

2. You will then take another pipe cleaner and cut it in 2 inch pieces. Take two of the cut pieces and wrap them around the tips of the pipe cleaner on the water bottle, this creates the extra points to the antlers.

3. Next, attach the googly eyes to the bottle using glue.

4. To make the reindeer’s nose, glue a red pom-pom to the front of the bottle.

This project is great for kids and adults alike, and it’s a fun way to get creative and personalize your water bottle. You can even make a whole herd of reindeer water bottles by using different colors and designs. So why not try making your own DIY reindeer water bottle today?

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