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DIY Primitive Decor – Grungy Cinnamon Hearts with Pipe Cleaners

grungy_pipe_cleaner_heartsThese pipe cleaners hearts are super simple and easy to make that they can be made into a family project, where even the littlest hands can help. These hearts are made to be grungy; making them perfect for any primitive decor. They can be used as a primitive decor bowl filler or even be hung by their homespun ribbon.

Things you need:
Candy Cane Pipe Cleaners
Candle Wax
Liquid Gel Dye (optional)
Cinnamon Bun Oil Scent (or any scent of your choice)
Antiquing Medium
Glamour Dust
Homespun Ribbon (or ribbon of your liking)

Things to do:
1. Begin by using a soft cloth or paper towel, and antique as many pipe cleaners as you have in mind for your hearts (one pipe cleaner makes one heart) by using the antiquing medium. Set aside and let dry.
2. Once your pipe cleaners are dry, start bending and forming them into your hearts. Twisting the ends together to form the inner point of the heart. You may cut off any excess pipe cleaner at this point. You can also play with the sizes of your pipe cleaners hearts, creating larger and smaller ones as you wish.
3. Start melting your candle making wax by purchasing a double broiler or you can also combine a smaller pan within a larger pan, to make your own type of double broiler. Be sure that you place water in the larger pan and be on the watch that the water doesn’t evaporate. Once the candle making wax has melted you may add the liquid gel dye (optional), and cinnamon oil scent (or scent of your choice).
4. Before you start waxing your pipe cleaner hearts you may want to line a cookie sheet with wax paper so that your hearts do not stick. Now dip or pour the melted wax over the pipe cleaner hearts and let cool. While the hearts are cooling you can had the Glamour Dust if you wish for a little added sparkle. Once your hearts have cooled, you can then add any embellishments such as your homespun ribbon tying a few or several hearts together.

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