DIY Mod Podge Screen Printing

I used to have neighbors that were obsessed with silk screening. Every piece of clothing they owned had images printed on them and they were always bringing over tees for my kids that had been printed as well. I loved it but never quite understood the draw of silk screening, too many supplies that didn’t have other applications I think. So I’m thrilled to have found this technique, which uses craft staples to achieve the same look.

Things you’ll need:
Embroidery hoop
Mod Podge
Image to screen print
Craft acrylic paint
Cardboard scrap

Things to do:
1. Stretch the nylon material around the embroidery hoop in a single layer and tighten the hoop well.

2. Lay the hoop over your image and transfer it to the fabric with your marker.

3. Carefully paint Mod Podge everywhere on the image where you do not want paint to go through. Don’t forget borders and edges. Allow the Mod Podge to dry and apply a second coat over the first.

4. Once the Mod Podge is dry again, lay if flat onto what you want to screen print on. Squirt a quarter-sized dollop of paint onto the center of the image.

5. Trim a piece of cardboard into a trapezoid and, using the narrow end of the shape, scrape the paint around your shape, making sure you cover all of the open place.

6. Carefully peel up the hoop in one swift motion to reveal your print. Allow the paint to dry before using.

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