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DIY Mini Card and Envelope

Sometimes a note is the best way to let a friend know that they’ve been on your mind. These cards are just the right size for a short and sweet message. It’s fun to find just the right paper to compliment the envelope and give an added surprise inside. Customizing your paper selections for your recipient is a great way to show them just how much you care. Your friend is sure to appreciate the time you took to tell them you love them in a personalized way.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to complete: 15 minutes
Age range: 10 and up.

Things you’ll need:
Cardstock with a pattern of your preference.
Craft glue
Corner punch (Optional)

Things to do:
1. Create template by drawing and cutting out a square that is 3 3/16 inches. Refer to pattern pictured and cut half-circle flaps .

2. Trace the template onto the back of the paper. A patterned piece looks best, adding an interesting twist to the traditionally plain envelope.

3. Score along the dotted lines using card tool.
4. Cut out the envelope and fold along the scored lines.

5. Glue the flaps down to create the envelope. Wait until glue dries entirely to ensure envelope is secure.

1. Choose a piece of paper that compliments the envelope. Cut the card, measuring 3″ in length and 2″ wide. If you are making more than one card, consider cutting a pattern to ensure consistency.

2. Fold the cut paper in half, creating a card.

3. Round the edges using a corner punch (optional)

4. Use a sticker to seal your envelope after writing on your card.

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