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DIY Mardi Gras Style Necklace

Spruce up your Mardi Gras celebration with a fancier display of your beads. This twisted variation is beautiful, while still being in the spirit of the gaudiness of the celebration!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 30 minutes
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
Purple metallic beads
Gold metallic beads
Perle cotton or embroidery floss
Hot glue gun and hot glue

Things to do:
1. Cut the gold beads into three, 12-15″ strands. Tie them with the embroidery floss at both ends, as shown.

2. Cut two strands of the purple beads the same length as the gold beads. Tie them to the gold beads at one end only.

3. Start wrapping the beads around each other, as shown.

4. Continue wrapping until you reach the end.

5. Tie the other end of beads together.

6. Cut two pieces of ribbon to 12″ each. Tie them onto the beads using the floss, and use some hot glue to make sure the ribbon is completely secure.

7. To wear, simply tie the ribbon around your neck.

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