DIY Magnetic Fishing Game

This magnetic fishing game is a craft project and a game! Create multiple fish and fishing poles to go fishing with friends.

Things you’ll need:
Felt squares
Hot glue gun
Googly eyes
Permanent marker
Bakers Twine
Stick or dowel rod
2 – Magnets
Fish template

Things to do:
1. Fold your felt in half and trace your fish stencil on one side.
2. Using your scissors, cut through both sides of the felt, along the traced fish shape. This will result in two identical fish shapes.
3. Place one magnet between the two fish halves.
4. Use your hot glue gun to glue the two felt fish halves together with the magnet inside of the fish.
5. Glue googly eyes to the outside of your fish and decorate however you like!
6. To make the fishing pole, tie one end of your string to the stick (securing the string with hot glue if you so choose).
7. Tie the other end of your string to the other magnet.
8. To play the fishing game, hold your fishing pole and hover the magnetic end on your string over your felt fish. When the magnets connect, you will have caught your fish!

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