DIY Lined Envelopes

While I like to try to make all my missives a little something special, there are times when all I’ve got is a box of plain, ordinary envelopes. Well no problem, it’s as easy as pie to turn even ordinary business envelopes into lined beauties. Use light weight paper for the lining for best results, thicker paper will result in a bulkier finished product.

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 5 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Printed paper
Glue stick

Things to do:
1. Use the envelope to trim the lining paper to fit inside the envelope and to be tall enough to just fit under the glue line of the flap.
2. Slip the paper, printed side up, into the envelope so that the top edge is just higher than the tip of the flap.

3. Trace along the angled edge and trim away the excess.

4. Slide the paper all the way in so that the point rests just under the glue line.

5. Apply just enough glue to hold the lining in place, add your card and crease at the fold!

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