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DIY “Joy” Rustic Wood Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are the perfect handmade addition to a shabby chic Christmas tree. Experiment with different colors of paint to create an ornament that complements your Christmas decor.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 20 minutes
Age range: 8 and up

Things you’ll need:
Unfinished Wood Ornament Cutout
Miniature Green Sisal Wreath
Miniature Ivory Frosted Wreath
Letter Stickers
Red Acrylic Paint
White Chalk Paint
Paint Brush

Things to do:
1. Stain the ornament and let it dry completely.
2. Place J and Y stickers on the ornament allowing room for the wreath in the center.
3. Paint your ornament, covering the stickers.
4. Gently pull off stickers when paint is completely dry.
5. Sand the edges of the ornament.
6. Spray the ornament with clear coat and let it dry.
7. Glue your miniature wreath in between the J and Y then string a piece of jute through the top hole and knot the ends, creating a loop hanger.

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