DIY Honey and Pear Facial Mask

Everybody deserves some pampering, and usually we need it the most when we can least afford it. The great thing about learning to do DIY beauty treatments is you not only save money, you get the kind of all natural, organic ingredients product that is actually better for your skin. This facial mask smells beautiful, softens and hydrates! This is an especially great mask for dry skin because pears and honey both are natural humectants, meaning they help skin hold in moisture. Rose geranium essential oil is effective both against acne and signs of skin aging.

Things you need:
Cream Honey
Fresh Pears (preferably organic)
Food processor or mortar and pestle
Rose Geranium essential oil
Mixing bowl

Things to do:
1. Remove skin and core from pear, then cut the fruit into small pieces. Using a mortar and pestle or food processor, turn the fruit into a creamy pulp.
2. Pour fruit pulp into bowl and stir in 2 T creamed honey. (If you want, reserve some of the honey-pear mixture at this stage before adding essential oil. This makes a nice spread for toast or muffins. One of the great things about homemade natural beauty products. no preservatives so they are edible!)
3. Stir in 6 drops of rose geranium essential oil. The first time you use any essential oil, it is a good idea to spot test it on skin in case of sensitivity.
4. Clean face and hands completely, then pat face dry.
5. Use fingertips to rub the honey-pear mask on face, throat and decolletage, leaving area around eyes clear.
6. Place a towel on bed or couch, and rest on back with face toward ceiling for 10 minutes.
7. At sink, use water and hands to remove the mask. Use a clean towel to gently pat skin dry.
8. If you want to give some of this mask as a gift, the honey acts as a preservative so it does not need to be immediately refrigerated. Put some in a mason jar, rubber stamp an image of a bee or a pear on a label, add a bow and give it to a friend. Do add information to the back of the label telling your friend the day you made this batch and that she should put it in the fridge if she doesn’t use it after 2-3 days.

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