DIY Hand Lettering Wall Art

While there are plenty of options out there for wall decals, sometimes you just want something unique that isn’t available. This method for hand lettering can be used on all sorts of surfaces and with many projects. When it comes to filling in the lettering, you have a few options. You can use paint as we did here or try a paint pen or permanent marker depending on what final result you like.

Things you’ll need:
Computer, inkjet printer and paper
Fine paintbrush

Things to do:
1. In a word processing or design program, type out the words for your project and choose the font and size you desire. Fit the text onto a page or multiple pages and flip the text on the horizontal axis. This will give you a perfect mirror image of your text.

2. Print the text on regular printer paper using the regular printing setting.
3. Lay the paper, text down, onto your wall where you want the lettering and scribble along the back side of the paper over the letters. Here we shifted the letters as we worked to create a wavy sentence.

4. Peel the paper away; the ink should have transferred to the wall lightly.

5. Using the ink on the wall as a guide, fill the letters in with paint using light, careful strokes.

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