DIY Fresh Floral Cake Topper

This gorgeous cake topper is made of fresh flowers, adding a unique element to homemade cakes. Use it to adorn a wedding cake or make mini wreaths and cover cupcakes for a birthday party. You are sure “wow” with this beautiful floral cake topper.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Age range: 12 and Up
Time to complete: 45 Minutes

Things you’ll need:
Wire cutters
Floral Tape

Things to do:
1. Measure the top of the cake that you will be decorating. I’ve found that it works best to create a topper that is slightly smaller than the circumference of the cake.

2. Create a circle of wire that will serve as the base of the cake topper.

3. Begin adding flowers to the cake topper, starting with greenery. Use the floral tape to secure the flowers to the wire circle. You can experiment with placement until you find a look that you love. Cover the entire wire circle with flowers.

4. Once you’ve completely covered the wire circle, add additional flowers until it looks full.
5. Place it on your cake and enjoy!

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