DIY Folded Fabric Flowers Hairbow Clips

I don’t know about your little girl, but mine loves nothing more than a bow in her hair, or even better, a pretty flower on each of her pigtails. These origami-like flowers are inspired by the kanzashi flowers worn in the intricate hairstyles of geishas, but the larger size and button finish make them perfect for any little girls ponytail.

Things you need:
Fabric, 1/8 of a yard or scraps
Fabric Scissors
Alligator Clip

Things to do:
1. Cut five equally sized squares from your fabric. This flower uses 1-1/2″ squares but as long as all the squares are the same, you can start with any size you like, ending with a smaller or larger flower depending on how small or large your squares are.
2. Fold one square into a triangle, right side out.
3. With the wider point of the triangle up, fold the skinnier two ends down and into the center point to make a square.
4. Flip the square over and fold the sides in again, this time not making as sharp a point at the top.
5. Flip over again and pinch the bottom to form a petal. Hold in place with a pin while you fold the other petals.
6. Once you have five petals, stitch them together to form a flower, trimming or tucking under the raw ends as you go.
7. At this point you can leave the flower as is or stitch a button to the center. *Hint* Use a scrap of your fabric and a button covering kit to create a matching button.
8. Stitch or glue flower securely to a bobby pin or alligator clip. These could also be used to decorate gifts, add fun to flip-flops or worn as a pin.

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  1. I love this and I cannot wait to try one! Thank you for the instructions! I look foward to looking more into this site!

  2. just found this site, love easy and new crafts to do…..and these hair pieces look so easy to make…thanks

  3. I never thought that origami can be done using fabric nowadays, LOL. Thanks for sharing the steps in making such adorable wedding bouquets.