DIY Flower Tea Lights

Planning a candle light party? Or maybe a mock” party for the kids and their dolls? There’s no need to bring out the real candles. This petal-covered tea light creates the perfect touch for any table decor. The petals provide a romantic, beautiful glow…and when the party is over, simply flip the switch to turn off the light!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 20-30 minutes
Age range: 13+

Things you’ll need:
Tea lights
Coral silk petals or other colors of your choice
Glue dots
4 regular-sized plastic spoons
Protective eyewear

Things to do:
1. Put on your protective eyewear and snip off the handles from the four plastic spoons. The handles and small plastic pieces could fly up and hit you, so complete this step over a trash receptacle, and be sure to keep the eyewear on until you’re finished.
2. Attach two glue dots to the bottom inside of all four spoons. You can roll up the dots to create some depth, to counteract the curve of the spoons.

3. Attach 1 petal to the back side of each spoon, using a glue dot.

4. Now attach the petal-covered spoon to the base of the tea light.

5. Repeat the process for the three remaining spoon petals, sticking them evenly around the base of the tea light.

6. Next, place 8 more loose (not attached to spoons) flower petals around the base of the tea light, adhering them with glue dots. Place them between each other evenly around the tea light.

7. Now turn on the light and enjoy the party!

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