DIY Flower Bun Wrap Tutorial

This pretty bun wrap can brighten up any day. When you’re not wearing this as a bun wrap, you can wear it as a piece of jewelry – maybe a bracelet or even an anklet.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 30 minutes
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
Wire cutters
Cloth-covered floral wire
Purple artificial aster mum bundle
Purple artificial pansy pick
Light pink flowering pip berry spray
Floral tape
Turquoise organza ribbon

Things to do:
1. Cut a length of cloth-covered floral wire about 12″ long for an adult’s accessory or about 10″ long for a child’s accessory.

2. Fold the floral wire in half.

3. Using your fingers, bend the open end of the loop over.

4. Twist the open end of the loop around the wire to close the loop.

You should have one doubled piece of wire with small loops on each end.

5. Grab each end of the wire with your fingers, then gently twist it a few times.

6. Using the wire cutters, clip the following flowers, leaving a 2″ stem: 4 pink pip berry spray flowers, 4 purple pansies, and 2 purple aster mums.

7. For the aster mums, gently remove the thick stem to reveal the thinner stem underneath. (This will make wrapping easier later.)

8. Lay out your flowers in the following order: 2 pink flowers, 2 pansies, 2 aster mums, 2 pansies, 2 pink flowers.

9. Add two pink flowers to the wire, tucking the stems through the twisted loop next to the small loop.

10. Using your finger, move the stem of the first flower to be parallel with the wire. Wrap the stem with floral tape around the wire, pulling the floral tape gently as you wrap to activate the stickiness. When you finish, do not cut the floral tape.

11. Add two pansies, tucking the stems just next to the pink flowers.

12. Move the pansy stems parallel with the wire, then wrap the stems with floral tape.

13. Repeat these steps, bending the stems and taping them, until you have secured all the flowers.

14. After you’ve taped the last flower stems, wrap the tape in the opposite direction, back across the entire wire again to secure all the stems. Trim the floral tape. Tip: If there are stems sticking out anywhere, make sure they’re secure and then trim them with the wire cutters.

15. Cut a 30″ length of ribbon, then thread it through the small loops on the floral wire.

16. Since wrapping the flowers may have shifted them around a bit, you may want to bend your flowers to arrange and neaten them.

17. To style the wrap, place it on top of your bun, then tie it below the bun.

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