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DIY Felt Owl Mask Tutorial

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 45 minutes
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
Paper Mache Domino Mask
Sewing pin
White elastic jewelry cord
Tracing tool such as pen or marker
Glue gun and glue sticks
Charcoal Felt Sheets
Gray Felt Sheets
Yellow Felt Sheet

Things to do:
1. Cut a piece of elastic that fits snugly from one edge of the mask to the other around the back of your head.

2. Using the sewing pin, poke a hole in the mask on the outside of the eye, close to the edge. You may need to wiggle the pin around just a bit to make the hole bigger.

3. Insert the elastic into the hole, then knot it.

4. Pull so that the knot rests against the mask.

5. Repeat steps 2-3 for the opposite side of the mask.

6. Using the tracing tool, draw a feather shape onto the light gray felt and cut it out. We drew two different feather sizes: Our feather shapes measured about 7/8″ wide and were 1 1/4 ” and 1 3/4 ” tall. The feathers do not have to be perfect!

7. Using the cut feather as a template, trace additional feathers onto the light gray and charcoal sheets.

8. Cut out all the traced feather shapes.

9. We drew around 13 feathers in each size and color, but if you need more feathers later you can always cut out more. Set these feathers to the side for now.

10. Place the mask flat on the gray felt. Using the tracing tool, trace around the top of the mask, tracing just above the eyes. You do not need to tilt the mask as the top part will not be covered.

11. Trace the eyes of the mask.

12. Trace around the sides and the bottom of the mask, this time tilting the mask to make sure you’re tracing the entire surface. It’s best to trace a larger outline, since you can fold over the excess felt later when you’re attaching it to the mask.

13. Cut around the outline of the mask.

14. To cut the eyes, fold the felt over and use the scissors to create a small snip in the fold.

15. Insert the scissors through the slit and cut the eyes. Set the felt outline aside for now.

16. Begin layering the felt feathers by hot gluing the first layer across the top of the mask. Glue feathers side by side without any space between them.

17. Add a second layer of feathers just below that, again gluing the feathers side by side.

18. Add two more rows of felt, this time overlapping the feathers as you glue.

19. When you are happy with the feather placement, glue the felt mask onto the paper mache starting with the top part of the mask.

20. Hot glue the felt mask around the eyes.

21. Hot glue the felt mask around the bottom.

22. If you have excess felt along the edge, hot glue the excess felt to the inside of the mask to hide it.

23. To create the owl’s nose, use scissors to clip across the corner of the gold felt.

24. Hot glue the nose to the mask.

25. Remove any excess hot glue from the mask.

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