DIY Faux Feed Sack Bag

This rustic, feed sack style gift bag is just the thing for a fun gift. And it’s easy to turn a simple burlap bag into a great looking faux feed sack. Check out our block printing tutorial to see how to make your own custom block printing block to further customize your feed bag look.

Things you’ll need:
Block print block or stamp
Block printing brayer
Block printing ink or thick acrylic paint
Burlap drawstring bag
Plate or tray to roll the paint

Things to do:
1. Coat the brayer evenly in paint, rolling to get a good coat.
2. Roll the paint over the block so that it’s evenly coated.

3. Press the block firmly onto the burlap of the bag. Peel the block up carefully so that the paint doesn’t smear.

4. Allow the paint to dry before using as a gift bag.

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