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DIY Fall Leaf Stencil Clock

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 1 hour plus paint drying time.
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
Clock Maker Medium Stem Kit
Unfinished Wood Clock Face with Laser Cut Numbers
Craft Designer Stencil Brush Set
Burnt Umber Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Leaves stencil
Southwest Sunset Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set

Things to do:
1. Paint the Clock face with the Burnt Umber Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint.

2. Allow paint to thoroughly dry between coats of paint. I used two coats of paint.

3. Decide on where to place the leaf stencil. You may use a piece of tape to hold down the stencil. Taping the stencil down is recommended. You will see the difference in the rest of the tutorial.

4. Dip stencil brush into the Harvest Orange Acrylic Paint. When stenciling be sure to not to have too much paint on the paint brush. Rub excess paint off on the paint tray.

5. Do not brush on stencil paint. Dab the stencil brush lightly onto the open spots of the stencil.

6. Make sure all open spots of the stencil have coverage, again without too much paint. Then gently lift the stencil upwards off the clock. Rinse off excess paint on stencil immediately.

7. Allow stenciled paint to completely dry, before starting the next stencil.

8. Tape down next stencil and dab on the Lemon Chiffon Paint. Then allow the paint to completely dry. I only taped down the stencils on the left side of the clock. You can clearly see the difference taping made.

9. Mix the Lemon Chiffon and Harvest Orange acrylic paints together.

1O. Dab the stencil with the new color mixture. I was not as careful of wiping off the excess paint with this stencil. You are able to see the smudges. Rinse off stencil of excess paint. Allow the stencil to thoroughly dry.

11. Tape down last leaf stencil.

12. Dab the last stencil with the Territorial Beige acrylic paint. Rinse off stencil again.

13. Allow the last stencil paint to dry thoroughly.

14. Once all paint is thoroughly dry, insert the Clock Maker Kit per instructions.

Voila, you now have your own Fall Leaf Stencil Clock.

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