DIY Fabric Origami Business Card Holder

Crafty people (and hey, even non-crafty people) often have a hard time just shoving that stack of business cards in their wallet, especially when their business is something crafty! This cute and practical business card holder is so neat you may find yourself making them for everyone you pass a card out to! Lightweight quilting fabric will give you the best results for this project. You can also scale this up to hold gift cards by starting with a 9″ square of fabric.

Difficulty level: Advanced
Time required: 25 minutes plus dry time

Things you’ll need:
Lightweight cotton fabric
Ironing board
Ruler or tape measure
Fabric stiffener

Things to do:
1. Begin by cutting perfect 8.5″ squares out of your fabric.

2. Iron the fabric so that it is very flat.
3. Spray lightly with fabric stiffener on a covered work surface. Allow the stiffener to dry.
4. You’ll want to fold and iron so make sure you’re iron is handy through out.
5. First fold the square in half with the wrong side of the fabric in. Press well and open back up to reveal the crease.

6. Fold the edges in toward the crease and press.

7. Open the fabric up and, with the wrong side facing up, press each corner in so that the tip touches the nearest crease line. Close the flaps in with the corners folded down and press the folds.

8. Turn the fabric over so that the right side is up and the folded in edge is down.
9. Fold the top down so that the folded in corners create perfect triangles. Press well.

10. Fold the bottom edge up in the same manner, you’ll need to tuck the bottom edge into the top where they overlap. Press very well.

11. Spray the fabric front and back with fabric stiffener, allowing the fabric to get a little more damp this time. Let the fabric dry completely.
12. Fold the holder in half and crease, your business cards should fit perfectly into the two pockets created by the folds.

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