DIY Doily and Twine Wrapped Gifts

The combination of rustic twine, simple craft paper and delicate doilies makes the prefect, surprisingly elegant wrapping medium for any gift. Use either paper or cloth doilies for slightly different effects. Cloth doilies give a little more grown up effect while paper doilies can serve as decoration and tag, with the to and from written right on them.

Things you’ll need:
Kraft paper wrapped gift
Jute twine
Doilies, paper and/or cloth

Things to do:
1. Wrap the doily around the gift. If you are using a paper doily, inscribe with a message first and make sure it’s centered on the gift.

2. Tie twine around the gift and doily to hold it in place, tying off out of sight or with a decorative bow or tails. Trim the ends.

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