DIY Dip Dye T

Dip dyed shirts, with their graduated coloration, is like a grown up version of those tie dye shirts you made in grade school. Less crazy and wild and more modern and sleek, they never the less add a little zing to an otherwise plain shirt and the process is simple and quick. Just be sure to cover all of your work surfaces well and wear gloves when working with the dye to avoid staining.

Things you’ll need:
Fabric Dye
100% Cotton t-shirt
Water tight tub
Hot water

Things to do:
1. Wash, dry and iron your shirt to make sure that the manufacturers finishes are washed away. These can prevent the dye from absorbing evenly.
2. Hang the shirt up on the hanger.
3. Mix your dye with hot water according to the directions on the package.
4. Slowly dip the end of the shirt into the dye, bringing the color up about 2/3 as high as you’d like the color to go. The dye will wick up further as it dries.
5. Pull the shirt out of the dye and hang over a covered, waterproof surface or over the tub of dye. This will allow the excess dye to drip off and the color to wick up.
6. Allow the shirt to dry thoroughly and then toss in the dryer to heat set the color.

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