DIY Cork Snowflake Coasters

Surprise surprise! Did you know cork can be decorated with wood burners, just like wood? It can! Which makes these cute snowflake coasters a snap to make and a perfect and easy gift to create for friends and family. You’ll need to keep a light touch when burning cork, they require just the faintest touch with the tip to burn.

Time required: 15 minutes
Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you’ll need:
Square or round cork coasters
Wood burning tool

Things to do:
1. Plug your wood burning tool in with the chisel tip inserted and allow it to heat up.

2. If desired, sketch the basic shape of your snowflake onto the coasters.

3. Trace the lines of the snowflake with the chisel tip, then add details coming off of the main branches of the snowflake.

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